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Subjects / fields of study: Basic core subjects (i.e. subjects that forms the basis of a school or university curriculum) are covered - it is especially known for physics and especially maths, but also biology, health, social science, economics, computer science etc. This platform is excellent for learning school or university subjects like math and science. There is also lots of material to prepare yourself for business and entrepreneurship. Here you study "subjects" rather than "courses" and it is mainly for academic preparation, but you can also learn a lot to enhance your career.

Level: It is offered at a level ranging from very basic or school to highly advanced or post-graduate (especially in maths) level.

Presenters: Subject videos are developed by well-respected academics and subject specialists.

Mode of study: Fully online. No need to travel to any venue to attend classes or write tests. You can study from home, work or wherever you like.

Study media: Mainly video based with lots of interactive exercises. Computer or coding orientated subject material make use of impressive computer-assisted learning techniques.

Scheduling of classes: Training material can be accessed or downloaded at any time. Lectures are not streamed live. Most courses are open for registration at regular intervals, usually monthly.

Course duration:

Total study time per week required:

Can course material be accessed for free?: Yes

Can online excercises and assessment be accessed for free?: Yes. Access to an advanced and highly effective assessment system is completely free.

Can I receive a certificate for free: No because Khan academy don't offer certificates, but do have a freely accessible point and badge scoring system.

Cost if I do wish to register for the paid option so that I can be assessed and receive a certificate: US$ 49 per course for most courses.

Can some individual courses be grouped to form a larger qualification, building greater knowledge of the particular topic? Although courses are not grouped into larger qualifications like on some other platforms, the training videos are cleverly grouped and placed in sequance to build competence. Note that we provide suggestions on how free online courses from the different online course platforms can be grouped together, or rather taken into sequance to gradually build your knowledge - see our section on learning paths.

Main strengths:

Main weaknesses:


Mobile app: This platform does not have a mobile app at present, but their website is mobile friendly.

Note: The above course information are generalisations, or estimations for an "average" or "typical" course, and differ from course to course. Make certain about the details of your specific course of interest.

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