Cautions & disclaimer

Note that we are ordinary people who are eager learners ourselves and we do have knowledge of labour economics and trends in the different economic sectors, but we are not qualified career counsellors. This site is not designed to test your interests and aptitudes or give career guidance. So use this site to identify courses for your own personal development but do consult a qualified career counsellor before choosing courses for career building purposes.

Although we do try to scrutinise course quality, try out the courses ourselves and to use feedback from students of the listed courses to decide whether we will list a course or not, we cannot guarantee that the quality of all courses are high.

Some course providers may be unclear about or change their pricing policy, therefore some courses that were free may not be free anymore, so make certain from the course provider that it is definitely free. If it is not free please let us know so that we can remove those courses from our list.

Be careful to select the free option when enrolling for a course. Some course providers try to hide the free option.

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