Recommended learning path for graphic design

This field is going digital and there is no way to avoid that. Most graphic designers work in web or game development or at least use computer programs to make their designs therefore it is important to become very well familiar with computers and preferably some programming as well. Graphic designers who know web programming basics are more likely to get a job.

If you want to learn web development, start here, this is not a video based platform but it is excellent to start your career: Or if you prefer a video course go to this excellent course series on Coursera:

If you want to stick for now only to the art side rather than computer side of graphic design, start with the Coursera platform. Simply click on "Catalog" to search for courses, then type in "graphic design". A lot of courses appear, then you can choose the one you want to start with. Coursera also have excellent courses on game design. FutureLearn have this important course since colour theory is very important in graphic design: LinkedIn Learning (this is the only one that is not really freely accessible) also have excellent courses on Graphic Design and design of icons.

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