Recommended learning path for game development and design

If you are interested in game development and design you are in good luck because there are several free online courses:

After you have done the above free courses you will be able to develop advanced games - without paying any course fees!

For game development it important to get a good background in:

Gamification is not the same as game development. It is about making real world work or activities more fun by building elements of gaming into it so that people are more motivated to do a boring job or some other dull task. If you do want to learn about it, Coursera has a really excellent, fun and easy course on this:

Virtual reality is the direction that gaming will move to, very quickly. This is more advanced and to enter this field first learn to develop normal games and to program as explained above. The same applies to Internet of Things (IoT), which is the connection of anything to sensors, motors, computers and the internet - this is also becoming more important in everything, including game development.

Game theory is not at all the same as game development, definitely do not start with this, this is a field that study human behaviour in general, and have lots of advanced maths.

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